Barbara Lynch

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

What made you choose the South End to open your restaurants? I had opened No. 9 Park in 1998, and four years later I learned about two corner spots that were available in the South End. That never happens - and it just felt like fate to me. I'd rather be my own neighbor, after all. I felt like the neighborhood was on the precipice and that it was a great time for me to jump in the fray; we're close to Back Bay and the Orange Line, as well as to the highway, and you can walk or take the bus to No. 9 Park from The Butcher Shop & B&G. Plus, Waltham St. is a throughway, and I just knew that Washington St. was going to be a hot spot for businesses.

What's your favorite dish?

  • B&G: Lobster Roll

  • The Butcher Shop: Steak Tartare

Where do you pick up fun gifts in the South End? I love Lekker - their furniture is beautiful and modern, and they have such nifty stuff.

Where do you grab coffee and a good Breakfast in the South End? Maybe they are different places. Although I'm not a huge coffee drinker and I don't really go out for breakfast (I'm pretty simple in the morning  - yogurt with berries), I always go to Formaggio for a little bite of something tasty. I've known Valerie and Ihsan for years, and I love the wide variety of international products that they carry, including my favorite brand of flour and some incredible cheeses. I love the Niman Ranch ham and butter sandwich.

What’s your favorite South End indulgence? Face Facts Healing Day Spa on Waltham St. Cheryl has been in her little spot since before I opened B&G Oysters and The Butcher Shop, and it's the perfect retreat for a little R&R.

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